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Customer Reviews

Ilma MacDonell

Really great wine shop - makes you feel like you're in Napa wine country. Wine tasting there is a fun experience and gives you the opportunity to taste some terrific high-end wines. The shop does offer a wide selection of wines, at every price level. Even the least expensive wines we've tried are very good. The owner and staff are very knowledgeable, and they get to know your wine preferences after you've been in a few times, allowing them to make good recommendations for you. I highly recommend Vintage Reserve Wine.

Bill V.

The best wine store in town, and among the top in California.  Friday and Saturday tastings for $10 to sample ultra-premium wines.  Stan and the staff are accommodating and very knowledgeable.  An impressively wide selection at all price levels.  This is a special place, don't miss it!

Victor V


New wine shop in town!


Best part? Walking in and the wine steward knowing your name even if you've only seen him like 3 times ever. This shop is also run by Stan (of the Grape Tray) but *is* intended to be more of a tasting lounge, compared to the Grape Tray only being retail. It's in the Yosemite Ranch shopping area nestled in between Big 5 and Indian Kabob Palace.

It is definitely much more open and spacious, with a little semi-private room tucked away as soon as you enter, and then you'll catch some of the artwork on the walls. There's tables and chairs that sadly aren't being used. It's such a shame the pandemic had to happen, because if it hadn't, then Fresno would've had probably the best tasting experience in their back yard. And I don't say that lightly.

I chatted with Brian as soon I walked in and he gave me the run down on what was supposed to happen vs the reality that is the pandemic. He showed me around the shop, from the Champagnes to the lockup. Stan always secures the best wines in town, whether you fancy Chardonnay, Cabernet or oddities like Muscadet, White Port or even Malvasia. Everything from the famous names like Peter Michael and Paul Hobbs to nice daily drinkers like Joel Gott and Paraiso.

Steve T.

The Grape Trays newest business, the VINTAGE RESERVE WINE store at 1552 E Champlain Drive, Suite 109,  has absolutely everything and more if you're interested in wine. Stan did a beautiful job designing this business. It's first class. His knowledge of wine and his recommendations are always so appreciated. He gives outstanding customer service and goes up and above to make your visit the BEST experience possible.
The Grape Tray on Palm and Bullard offers the same outstanding customer service.  You are always greeted with a friendly face ready to help with any questions you might have.
Steve Thorpe

John Navarrette

Stan Congratulations on the opening of the Vintage Reserve Wine Shop. What I like best is the wide selection of quality wine and the knowledgeable staff there to help you make a great selection. Your wine shop is best described as a place you go to get personal service and quality wine at affordable prices, and not a warehouse store that deal's in larger quantities with lower tier wines. I would highly recommend your shop to anyone looking for a great bottle of wine at a reasonable price.  Again, congratulations on your opening of the Vintage Reserve Wine Shop located at 1552 E Champlain Dr. Fresno, Ca.

Rich &    Virginia H.

I've known Stan for over 30 years and he just keeps getting the best wine for the best prices. Lately he has come across some very good close outs at 50% + off retail. Thanks Stan

Bill Hamrick

Top shelf selections that address any budget, with expert recommendations. Always provide an excellent customer experience! I highly recommend this store to all buyers of wine.

Richard Goka

Wow, a new wine shop in Fresno. But not really, only the physical location. Just an extension of the Grape Tray. You can’t go wrong here, since the owner and staff have been around for many years and are very knowledgeable. If you enjoy wine and exploring the different taste, this is the place to shop. And if you are looking for something special, just ask.

Bobby Larson

I'm so happy to have VRW in and around our local community. It’s about time! My family and I really cherish the opportunity to taste great wine, and chat about life. We all hope the lounge opens up soon!! Great wine, great customer service, great prices, and great ambiance for our local community. When I found out that Vintage Reserve Wine was owned by The Grape Tray, local in Fresno, it all made sense. The Grape Tray over the years has been stellar, because again, all the great wine to choose from, and the fact that I can ship wine from all over the world to my friends and family. I really love this😀

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