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Wine Tasting at Vintage Reserve Wine (VRW)

Tuesday-Saturday Wine Tasting (Available anytime during operating hours)

*Each week we will feature new arrivals.  The featured wines are listed on Instagram, Facebook and our website.

*Select a bottle of wine from our retail shelf or wine cellar and share it with a friend or colleague.


Friday Wine Tasting 12:00 – 5:30 PM, $15 per person

Three cellar jewels are selected each week for this event.  The lineup for the week can be found on Instagram, Facebook and by subscribing to the Grape Tray newsletter.


Saturday Wine Tasting 12:00 – 3:30 PM, $15 per person

Five to six wines are selected each week for the tasting.  This is an opportunity to taste new arrivals and highly rated wines.  The majority of the wines will be from California, but we will also include wines from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany.


Mission Statement

Selecting a wine can be intimidating.  We have created a casual and comfortable environment where customers can explore the wines of the world.  In the United States, 50 states produce wine with California having the greatest production.  California alone has 139 American Viticultural Areas, so there are plenty of regions to explore within our state.


The residents of our community focus on wine produced in California and often ignore the fact that several countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany and New Zealand also produce quality wine. 


By allowing our customers to taste wines from different appellations and explaining the characteristics of wine produced in the region, they will develop the confidence required to select wine on their own.  We will guide them through the process of selecting a wine in a restaurant and the questions they should ask the server or sommelier before the selection is made.  


The best wine is not always the most expensive.  Finding a wine that is a great value is satisfying for any wine enthusiast.  We will guide our customers through the process of determining if a wine is a great value relative to its price, recognizing that its value is influenced by the wine appellation and the style of wine the customer prefers.  We will explain how to identify the flavors a given varietal should display and how to determine if it will develop with age.


Wine Tasting & New Arrival Newsletter

By subscribing to the Grape Tray (our warehouse store) newsletter, you will be informed of new arrivals, tasting notes and close out deals.


Instagram and Facebook:  Vintage Reserve Wine

The Grape Tray Newsletter:

Contact Us
Contact Us


Phone: (559) 878-3953


1552 E. Champlain Drive #109,

Fresno Ca, 93720

NE corner of Shepherd Ave. & Champlain Drive

Located in the same shopping center as Yosemite Ranch restaurant, 2 doors south of Big 5

Store Hours:

Tuesday - Friday:  12:00 - 6:00pm

Saturday:  12:00 - 4:00pm

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